Maths Methods

Division Column Method

This is the more formal method of division.

Division using the 'chunking' method-harder

This video shows how we can use 'Smile Multiplication' tables facts to efficiently calculate problems involving 3 digits divided by 1 digit.

Division using 'Chunking' method

2 digits divided by 1 digit.

'Smile Multiplication' Fact Families

An extension of simple fact families. Understanding how to generate these fact families from simpler ones, is a particularly good strategy to have especially when tackling division problems using the 'chunking' method, when the numbers we are dealing with get bigger! See division of 3 digits by 1 digit for more information.

Simple Fact Families

This is a Big Maths term meaning a group of connected mathematical facts. Understanding fact families is really useful, especially when dealing with algebraic questions (where there is a missing number in the question). To illustrate this using a simple example, if you were asked 3 + ? = 10, you could work out the missing number by creating the fact family, ie 10 - 3 = 7 so 7 is the missing number because it fits into the fact family.

Jigsaw Numbers to 1000

A clever 'Big Maths' technique to easily calculate numbers that add together to equal 1000.

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